Tell me about AirCIC! 

As a CIC client, you can make your dedicated office space available to our community through our new internal sharing economy. CIC clients who need a private office for short-term use can reserve one when they need it. You can become a guest (reserve others’ spaces), a host (share your space), or both! 

It’s an all around win — we use CIC spaces more efficiently, enhance the vibrancy of our community, and make a needed, limited resource (space!) more plentiful. And it’s quick and easy to use! Keep in mind this is a beta offering — we'll be tweaking it regularly to get it right and welcome your feedback.

Getting started is simple!

As a CIC client, you can become a guest (reserve others’ spaces), a host (share your space), or both!

Be Our Guest


  • Tell the AirCIC team you’re interested in reserving others' offices via the sign up form 
  • Check out available offices and pricing on AirCIC's Roomzilla
  • Reserve the office that’s right for you
  • Show up for your reservation and enjoy some good ole’ CIC hospitality
  • Tell us about your experience, and do it again!

Who is the typical guest? Visiting consultants, space crunch overflow, small all-day meetings, and coworking or flexspace members needing private space for heads-down work time

For more details, visit the Guest FAQ

Be Our Host


  • Tell the AirCIC team you’d like to share your office via the sign up form 
  • List your office with a fun description and a picture (we can help you get it set up!)
  • Share your office availability on AirCIC's Roomzilla for guests to see
  • Sit back, relax, and earn some credit while you’re away!

Who is the typical host? Frequent business travelers, community contributors, and client companies with satellite offices

For more details, visit the Host FAQ



Office Types

AirCIC offers a variety of offices of different sizes and locations. Pricing is based on the size of the office you reserve (or are sharing) and is listed on AirCIC's Roomzilla. Keep in mind options are constantly changing due to host availability, so there will often be new spaces to check out. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.28.21 AM.png


UNOs are Japanese inspired offices for one person. They're cozy, quiet, and perfect for a day of heads down work or back-to-back phone calls.  

Fitzgerald 3.jpg

1 Person Office

Comfortable for one person, maybe more, with room to breathe and the benefits of a well appointed CIC office.                                                                          

2 Person OFFICE

Office space for at least 2 people, so invite your favorite colleague to join. 



Comfortable for at least 3 people so bring several friends and colleagues! Larger offices may occasionally be available.