Hosts - Credo and FAQs

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We've established an AirCIC host credo (i.e. guidelines) that we expect our community to follow. This is to ensure the program runs smoothly and to provide a supportive and constructive working environment. You can also check out the guest credo

  • AirCIC hosting is not just an efficient and interesting way to use your office. It is also a responsibility, as others will rely on you.
  • Sharing is caring. You’re offering up your entire office, including your furniture, fixtures, and whiteboard; lock up anything that isn’t fair game.
  • A clean slate. Leave your office clean and tidy for your AirCIC guests.
  • We are here to help. When you return, email if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Share your thoughts. We welcome constructive feedback on this experiment, so please share your ideas via
  • Use responsibly.
  • CIC responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions for AirCIC hosts. Don't see the answer you need here? Just shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

How do I list my space to become an AirCIC host?

To make your space available to the AirCIC guest community, complete the sign up form. We'll help you get your office set up on AirCIC's Roomzilla, including a picture and fun description. 

How do I make my office publicly available to AirCIC guests?

Roomzilla! Your office will be listed on AirCIC's Roomzilla. Guests will reserve your office just like reserving a conference room. Reservations are currently only available for full day rates. Your office will default to being ‘unavailable’. We do this by inputting a recurring daily reservation that covers every day. When you want to make your office available, simply delete the 'unavailable' reservations for the days you want to share it with AirCIC guests. Please keep Roomzilla up to date for as far in advance as possible so guests can plan ahead.  Any time your office appears open on AirCIC's Roomzilla, it is fair game for a guest to reserve and they then have the right to use it. 

Yikes, I realized I actually need my office and it’s reserved by an AirCIC guest! What do I do?

No worries! Contact and we’ll help you out, likely by reserving another AirCIC office for your guest. Please email us as soon as you can so we can make alternate arrangements for the guest. 

Who can book my office?

All AirCIC guests must be CIC clients (coworking, flex space, or dedicated space). AirCIC is an internal marketplace only because we want everyone in our community to be invested in being here and responsible to their peers. Therefore, anyone using your office will understand the CIC community expectations. 

How do I know my office has been booked by a guest?

You can see this by looking at your own Roomzilla listing on AirCIC's Roomzilla. Remember, any date that you have not already reserved is available for booking by guests, so be sure to update your availability on Roomzilla as your plans change!

Help, I need some assistance regarding AirCIC. What should I do?

If you can’t find the answer here, or you just want to say hi, please email us at We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a time-sensitive issue, feel free to reach out to your relationship manager or community team and they’ll be able to help.


How should I prepare my office before a guest uses it?

We ask you to tidy up desk areas and lock up valuables. Please make sure all CIC provided amenities are accessible (e.g., whiteboard, etc.). If there are explicit instructions (e.g., please don’t use this equipment), please make those very clear.  If you have a desk phone, we suggest setting up call forwarding. 

How much do I charge guests to use my office? 

During the beta phase, AirCIC hosts can choose the daily price of their office. While you're welcome to list at any price, we suggest the following structure:

  • UNOs - $75/Day
  • 1 Person Office - $100/Day
  • 2 Person Office - $150/Day
  • 3 Person+ Office - $200/Day

What share of the price goes to me and when will I receive it?

50% of the income will go directly to you, and 50% will go to AirCIC to cover our operational costs. Any fees received from sharing your office will be issued as a credit on your monthly CIC statement. If you notice any billing discrepancies, please email us at

What if I move out or change offices?

If you need to move out of your office permanently, our team will take care of relocating any upcoming AirCIC reservations. If you move and want to continue hosting your new office, we'd love to have you—just let us know!

What measures are in place to ensure the security of my office?

First and foremost, CIC works hard to ensure that those that we invite into our community are honest individuals. To date, there are no reported instances of a CIC client having kept an item belonging to another client, although casual borrowing can occur in our coworking areas. We maintain video surveillance cameras in our common spaces and access records to the doors throughout CIC. If you have questions or concerns about security, feel free to reach out via email We would be happy to discuss this in more detail!

How will guests gain access to my office?

AirCIC operates on an honor system.  All approved AirCIC guests’ keys will be enabled to work on your office. We do not see this type of access abused at CIC, even in cases of open work areas. We will monitor this process to determine if a more active, reservation-based access-control system is required but as of now it has not proved necessary.